Why we recommend you to choose a Norwegian church?

We like to say that if you are staying more than 2 – 3 years in Norway, we recommend you to connect with a Norwegian Church instead of an ethnic church, even thou there are several good ethnic churches. Why? Because you need to plant your life and your family into the Norwegian society, learn the language, have norwegian friends, learning the culture and be included – and the church can be an exelent arena to help you.
Secondly: Think about the children! It is so important for them to make friends in a norwegian church, so they can grow up physicaly and spiritualy along with norwegian kids in the childrens church, and over time, get a strong base for their faith to meet the challenges in the society and the teen age years.
We are not speaking against any church. No, we are so thankful to all the «missionarys» God is sending to Norway – but we believe that this recommondation will benefit you and your family.

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